Sunny Sunday

Most of people Take Sunday a Rest day or a cheat day , honestly i do not  believe cheat day or something in world of fitness ,but rather i can say a good recovery day and yes you can enjoy some sweets or your favorite dish of food which is not written in your Nutritional Chart . Even you can say that its a Change Day.

So its Sunday and for me its a ACTIVE REST day ,not a rest day.

often people wake up late on Sundays saying its a rest day or may be people who are just making excuse of the Sunday and taking too much wine or alcohol on Saturday and Night and yes definitely wasting there energy in SOME PUB or Dance floor.

What ever it is do not ever break your routine of getting up late.

Take a medium length walk around 1 and half kms and than stretch all the major muscles in a standing position.Drink ample of water before you start training , prefer BCAA drink in 200 ml of water with some energy drink.

1- Run for 100 meters – a Bit faster than your normal speed of running – Do count ,the time taken by you to cover the distance , Now if you are just starting up – Calculate your time in exact same way – (time taken ) * 7 times = Break .

For intermediate level runner  (time take) * 5 times = Break

For Advance level of Runner – (time taken ) * 3 to 4 times = Break .

However you can adjust your break times depending upon the climatical conditions and your recovery – But remember the target is to drop  back the heart rate to normal at maximal speed –

Work on Running Mechanics (contact  on full information on running mechanics.

wear appropriate shoes and clothing .

Do Repeat the 100 meter Sprints or Run for at least 10 times with a proper break .

do a good passive stretching (passive stretching meaning is to take support from external object of a person eg- holding a pole , using bars for hamstrings , or telling your partner to push your stretch in a particular movement ).




Super Saturday. 20/05/2017

Saturday is a traditional day in Gyms for lower body and why many guys and girls prefer lower body on Saturday , because they can take a good rest/recovery on Sunday.

But my workout plan is not just about Saturday or Sunday but to follow the exact routine which will give you optimal results.

Dynamic Stretching – People often take dynamic stretching just keeping in mind its benefits and start swinging there legs up and down , side ways without knowing there movement pattern in there exercise pattern , Yes if i am a sprinter or fast bowler i would definitely do that as it resembles my movement pattern.

Injury Prevention – Start with Good Foam rolling.

Step 1 Warm Up – Good Mobility Drills for Hips ,knees and Ankles .

Step 2 – Couple of Ladder work drills for blood rush in your lower body . (Keep in mind that we are doing ladder work just for warm up and not as drill , don,t get yourself exhausted by over doing.

Exercise 1 –  Stiff Leg Dead Lift – 2 Warm Up Sets for 12 to 15 reps followed by 3 main sets of 8 to 10 reps with 70% of 1 RM.

Exercise 2-  A Super Set with B.

A -Front Squats – 5 Sets of 5 reps each

B- Box Jumps – 5 sets of 5 reps each

Exercise 3 – Kettle Bell /Dumbbell Hold Walking Lunges – 10 Reps(Both legs  total) walk with 5 sets.

Exercise 4 –  Barbell Hip Thrusts –  5 Sets with 5 reps each.

Exercise 5 – A Super Set with B

A- Single Leg Press (45 Degree ) – 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps Each Leg .

B- Single Leg Prone Leg Curl – 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps Each Leg.

Exercise 6 – Back Extension(Only Body weight )  – 3 Sets of Failures .

If You Do not have Back Extension Machine in your Gym – use Normal Bench and tell your partner or helper to hold your legs just below Calf.

Stretch Your Lower Body with 80% after your workout.

Aashish Gopal Tibrewala


19/05/2017 5 by 5 Workout. Friday Fury

Start Up with Foam Rolling for Total Body – ( Contact – for foam rolling workout sheet ) 

Cleans – 5 sets with 5 reps each set ( 5 reps has to be calculated by your previous 1 Rm ) 

Strict Over Head Press (Front )  – 5 sets of 5 reps each set 

Strict Over Head press (Back ) – 5 sets of 5 reps each 

Assistance Work – 

Lateral Raises – 3 Main Sets of 10 reps to 8 reps Each – Including 2 Warm up Sets of 15 to 20 reps Each.

Front Raises – 3 Main Sets of 10 reps to 8 reps Each – Including 2 Warm Up Sets of 15 to 20 reps Each .