Conditioning Sessions – Pre Season & In Season.

Pre Season .

I recommend you guys to always start with a good warm up and running Mechanics before every conditioning session . To start with always try to do foam rolling before the session to minimize the soreness from previous training session , than move to mobility drills and last some dynamic stretches .

Most people forget that if you don,t stick to basics its going to affect you in your training goal , here i am saying about running mechanics , most of athletes directly start with main focus session , but i completely rely on running mechanics to start with before every conditioning session whether its a Under 14 group or Senior Guys .

Running Mechanics .

1) Walking Lunges .

2) Ankling.

3) Butt Kicks .

4) Quick Feet .

5) A Skips .

6) B Skips .

7) Skip for height .

8) Skip for distance.


PreSeason Conditioning Session Demo .

40 Meters Run with 70% to 80% of intensity giving a walk back recovery or 1 : 5 rest ratio. 12 Reps.

30 meters Run with 80% to 90% of intensity giving walk back recovery – 10 to 12 Reps .

20 Meters Shuttle Run – 30 Secs with 100% intensity ( Spikes Compulsory ) 2 minutes Rest . 3 reps.


In Season Conditioning Demo .

20 Meter Shuttle – 1 Minute giving 3 minutes Rest – 3 Reps .

20 Meters Shuttle – 30 Secs giving 90 secs Rest – 5 Reps .

20 meters Shuttle – 20 Secs giving 60 Secs Rest – 5 Reps .


Friends this is just a example of a conditioning session , you can vary this according to your sport , specificity , time , place , condition , and type of group you are training . Please see that the temperature should be not more than 28 degree or the training can have adverse effect and also the surface . 

So tie your Laces , and Go and give it a try .All the Best .








Nutritonal Chart .


  • Low-fat greek yogurt topped with chopped fresh fruit and a side of whole grain toast slices with natural peanut butter and a drizzle of honey 
  • Whole grain cereal with skim milk and a side of fresh fruit 
  • Omelet made with 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites with low-fat cheese and diced vegetables, and a glass of 100% fruit juice 
  • Whole grain waffles drizzled with 1-2 tsp honey and sliced bananas, with a glass of skim milk 


  • Deli sandwich made with whole grain bread, 3-5 ounces lean meat like turkey or chicken, mustard, and vegetables and a side of baked chips or fresh sliced vegetables/fruit 
  • Low-sodium chicken or vegetable soup with a side salad topped with a low-fat or vinegar-based dressing 


  • Grilled flank steak, marinated in olive oil and salt-free dry seasonings, baked sweet potato with a dash of cinnamon and honey, and grilled zucchini, squash, and onions 
  • Chicken-and-spinach lasagna made with low-fat dairy products and whole-grain lasagna noodles, side salad with chick peas and a variety of vegetables, or a side of steamed vegetables 
  • Broiled salmon seasoned with lemon juice and fresh basil, a side of steamed broccoli with orange zest, and a side of wild rice 

Snacks/smaller meals

  • Spinach salad with berries, walnuts/almonds, sliced grilled chicken 
  • Whole grain crackers with low-fat string cheese 
  • Chocolate milk made with skim milk and low-sugar chocolate sauce 
  • Apple with 1 tablespoon almond or peanut butter 
  • Low-sugar granola bar with a glass of skim milk 
  • Trail mix with no-added sugar dried fruit, almonds, walnuts, and a few dark chocolate chips

Circuit Training For Cricketers

Hi Guys ,

Here is the Circuit Workout  which can be very useful for the Cricketers for the Season.

Warm Up Drills .

1) Foam Rolling , Mobility Drills , Activations ( Hip Dominant , Knee Dom

inant ) .

Circuit would be of 3 Exercise of 30 Seconds which will include one Upper Body , Core and one Lower Body Exercises.

1) Circuit A- Push Ups – 30 Secs , Iron Man – 30 Secs , Climbers – 30 Secs .

2) Circuit B – Inverted Row – 30 Secs , Side Hold 30 secs  ( each Side ) , Swiss Ball Roll – 30 Secs.

3) Circuit C – Front and Back Raises ( TT ) 30 secs , Box Jumps – 30 Secs , Back Extension – 30 Secs .

There are 3 Circuits A  B C , do this circuits back to back with 2 minutes rest between each circuit , after all three circuits , take 3 minutes rest and repeat the circuit , if you have energy repeat the circuit 3rd time .
Do stretch your muscles after your workout is over , keep your body hydrated and have Protein shake before and after workout , to maintain the muscle mass , add Glutamine ,BCCA , Anti oxidant , vitamin C , post workout .