The Goal .

The Goal.

The Guidance towards the start of training and points to be remembered before the training .


What is the Goal?

For me the goal is about your fitness routine, for routine people, athlete, handicapped.


I see around 50 to 60 people everyday working out in gym, park, jogging tracks, or sports field. Whenever I see any person doing workout, my first question to them would be, why are you EXERCISING?

The Answers.

1)      To stay fit.

2)      To lose weight.

3)      To build muscles.

4)      To enhance my performance.

5)      To get lean.

6)      To reduce my tummy and buttocks.

7)      I want to do modeling.


Now I know what all you people are thinking .

What would be my GOAl ?

From my point of view you don’t have any right to decide your goal until and unless somebody is demanding from you.

A)     Producer wants the male body structure according to his role in movie.

B)      Coach wants his player to get rid of excess weight.

C)      Doctor wants his patient to reduce fat for his cardiovascular problem.


When somebody asks me sir I want to do this or that , I seriously get hyper .


Boss, you are not the correct person to decide your goal. It’s the Job and right of Strength and Conditioning coach or trainer to decide your Goal .For your information here are some duties of Strength and Conditioning Coach.


To ask you do your medical test from Doctor.

To conduct your fitness test.

To assess your Range of Motion.

To design your exercise programme and exercise log sheets .

To design your nutritional diet chart.

To suggest you suitable supplements .

To guide you with each and every exercise and explain  you the proper technique and form.

To monitor your training status every week and progress your training according to your adaptation.

To educate you about healthy life and to guide to stay away from bad habits such as drinking ,smoking , chewing tobaccos etc.

To be with you 24 X 7 at any emergency .


You all might be thinking do my personnel trainer or my strength and conditioning coach performs his duty as per above. And surprisingly your trainer have half the qualities of the above.

There are many few trainers who perform the above points .Others are just lazy fellows who had made up in this field for their pocket money , some don’t have any option in life ,some actually choose this profession so that they can train female clients and have some cheap fun.


And we we we , We are real trainers , real fitness freaks , educated , professionals , ready to keep learning new things and see ur clients perform better and better .If you have hired a Trainer he should have at least the above qualities to train you. He is the Perfect trainer to decide your Goal.


So if you want to have good results in your training just look and judge your trainer with above points and his certifications from the renowned Fitness group. Don’t get complicated with fake ideas of slimming centre and fake show off trainers .  If they are really well they will  work hard and smart to get you in best of your shape.


Ashish Tibrewala .